Thomas Keaton

    Contributed by: Beverley Masoner Shackelford
    U. S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914
    No 1525
    Name: Keaton, Thomas
    Rank - Sergt
    Regiment - U. S. Rifles
    Company Commander -  (blank)
    Height: 5 ft. 8 in.    Eyes:  blue    hair:  fair   complexion:  fair      
    age: 21   occupation: farmer
    Where born:  Bridgefield, Pasquotank Co., North Carolina
    Enlisted:   Date:  Aug 20; 25  1812
                    Where: Elizabeth City
                    By whom: Captain Morgan
                    Period:  5 years
    Remarks:  Capt. William Smythe Co. Book 200, Present Aug 13/14 and Jany 13/15. 
    D.R. Lieut. S. V. Hamiltons Co. Feb. 16. I.R. March 2 and May 1815 (or possibly May 
    1 & 15) Present.  Present June 4/15, I.R. and D.R. Capt. Thomas Ramseys Co. Dec. 
    31/15, present.  Corpl reduced from Sergt. I.R. Feb 29 and SA M--?--
    June 30/16, pay due as Sergt to Dec 4/15; transferred to Capt. Birdsalls Co. Feb 21 
    and 22/16.  I.R. Capt Benj. Birdsalls Co. Feb. 29, April 30, June 30 and Aug. 31/16 
    present, joined Feb. 21/16. Reduced to Private June 18/16.  S.A.M.R. Dec. 31/16.  
    Transferred to Capt. Ramseys Co. Dec 31/16 and June 30/17 Present. Clerk. Book 570 
    and J.R. Dost(?) Edwards Aug 31/17.  Discharged Aug 25/17, term expired.
    National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

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