Published Resources For Sale

If you have any books for sale or you know someone that has books for sale that are about North Carolina in the War of 1812 and/or its Families please contact Diane Siniard.

The North Carolina Society of the Daughters of 1812 is proud to announce the publication 
of Ancestor Index for the North Carolina Society of the Daughters of 1812, a work compiled 
from nearly 100 years of society application papers.  This work shows the names of nearly 
400 ancestors who performed civil or military service for the period of 1784 to 1814.  While 
many ancestors resided in North Carolina at the time of their service, a total of 15 (out of 18) 
states are represented, as well as 3 territories that became states later.  Purchase price is $20.  
Please make checks or money orders payable to the NC Society of 1812 and send them to 
Laura Edwards
4101 South Mountain Drive
Raleigh NC 27603.

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